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Sig Sauer

9mm & .380

P232 (Very Limited Stock)

Very limited numbers in circulation due to limited production. It is based on the famous P320, a compact semi-automatic pistol from the late 1930's in Germany. The P232 is a classic for its legendary reliability, portability and accuracy. It is built for concealed carry or a back firearm, with a vintage look but still having modern concepts and manufacture.

  • .380 calibre

  • Semi-automatic

  • 7 round magazine capacity

  • DA/SA action

  • Overall length 6.6"

  • Height 4.7"

  • Weight with empty magazine 23.6 ounces


P365 (Sold Out!)

This micro-compact, everyday carry size has an unprecedented 10+1 ammo capacity. It is lightweight, easy to conceal and rated for +P ammunition. Frame finish is stainless steel with Nitron Slide finish. Comes with 10 round flush magazine and a 10 round extended magazine.

  • 9mm caliber

  • 10 +1 round capacity

  • XRAY day/night sights

  • Striker trigger action

  • Overall length 5.8"

  • Height 4.3"

  • Barrel length 3.7"

  • Weight with empty magazine 17.8 ounces


 P250 (Parabellum Compact)

The P250 the the jumping off point for many other great designs and was the answer to police departments that needed a standard gun to equip officers that could be quickly and easily modified. The main module comprises of a stainless steel frame consisting of an integrated fire control group, ambidextrous slide, ejector, reversible magazine catch and four slide rails.

  • 9mm caliber

  • 15 round capacity

  • Semi-automatic

  • Factory installed night sights

  • Double action

  • Overall length 6.7"

  • Height 4.7"

  • Weight with empty magazine 24.9 ounces


 P320 XFive Legion

This is the ultimate handgun for the serious shooter. The increased weight is due to the innovative TXG tungsten-infused grip module. This new product is a first of its kind in the firearms industry with the added weight reducing muzzle flip by up to 50%. Trigger pull is 30% lighter with the new skeletonized trigger, increasing shooting speed and accuracy.

  • 9mm caliber

  • 17 round capacity

  • Dawson Precision® adjustable sights

  • Striker trigger action

  • Overall length 8.5"

  • Height 5.8"

  • Weight with empty magazine 43.5 ounces

P320 Legion.jpg
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