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Browning Shotguns

12 Gauge

A5 Ultimate

There was a time when just about every shotgun was a piece of artwork. Today, lots of shotguns and rifles are considered working guns. The A5 Ultimate is a working gun for sure, but it does it with a level of artistic panache that few others can match.

  • 28" Barrel length

  • 14 1/4" Pull length

  • Magazine Capacity - 4 shotshells

  • Gloss oil finish walnut

  • Satin finish engraved receiver

  • Fiber optic bead

  • Humpback receiver

  • Ergo balanced

  • Recoil operated kinematic drive

  • Auto loader


Maxus Hunter

Maxus Hunter is the epitome of a Browning field gun. Rich bluing, gloss Walnut and a satin nickel finish receiver. It looks so beautiful that it's demure appearance masks the superior engineering and ergonomics design that make the Maxus so amazing. Don't let the classic looks fool you into thinking that this is just like every other bird gun in the field. The PowerDrive gas system cycles a wide range of loads and reduces the heaviest and slightest of recoils - making the gun more comfortable to shoot and allowing you to get back on target faster.

  • Wood grade 1

  • Barrel length 28"

  • Magazine capacity- 4 shotshells

  • Invector-Plus Flush choke system

  • Weight 6lbs 15oz

Browning Maxus Hunter - 011608304.jpg
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